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Jeff Buhman was elected as the 22nd Utah 百丽宫appapp Attorney in November of 2006 and he was sworn in on January 2, 2007. Prior to his election, he had been a prosecutor in the Utah 百丽宫appapp Attorney’s 百丽宫app since 1997, a prosecutor in the Washington 百丽宫appapp Attorney’s 百丽宫app from 1996-1997, in private practice in Utah 百丽宫appapp with the firm of Duval Hansen Witt & Morley from 1995-1996, in Seattle, Washington with the firm of Hessinger and Associates from 1994-1995, and in Port Orchard, Washington with the firm of David Hill and Associates from 1993-1994. He is a 1993 graduate of the J. Reuben Clark Law school at Brigham Young University, and a 1990 graduate in Economics from Brigham Young.

During his years as a prosecutor he has prosecuted thousands of cases and his focus was mostly in crimes of violence, DUI and drug crimes. Since becoming 百丽宫appapp Attorney, Mr. Buhman has represented his office and the 百丽宫appapp in a variety of capacities for many organizations, including the Statewide Association of Prosecutors, the Utah 百丽宫appapp Children’s Justice Center, the Provo College School of Justice, the Utah 百丽宫appapp Major Crimes Task Force, the Fourth District Victims Rights Committee, and many others.

Mr. Buhman grew up in the Los Angeles area. He currently serves in the Utah Army National Guard as an engineer officer. He has been married to his wife Camille since 1991 and they have three daughters and one son.



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