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Utah 百丽宫appapp Historic Courthouse
Alternatives to Traditional 百丽宫app

For many years, county and district attorney offices throughout the country have recognized that we cannot simply prosecute crime and send offenders to jail or to prison; we also have the responsibility, within available resources, to reduce overall crime in our jurisdictions. In the Utah 百丽宫appapp Attorney‘s Office, we attempt to fulfill this responsibility in a variety of ways, including in the traditional manner–deterrence through aggressive prosecution. We also fulfill this responsibility through the establishment and use of diversion programs that we believe reduce offenders‘ rates of recidivism.

The current diversion programs used by the Utah 百丽宫appapp Atttorney's Office are:  Three different adult felony drug court programs,  Mental Health Court for adult felonies, the Drug Offender Reform Act for adult felonies, Truancy Court for juveniles, Drug Court for juveniles and the Citation Diversion Unit for juveniles.



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