Special Victims Unit

Created in 2007, the Special Victims Unit is comprised of a supervising prosecutor, three mid-to-senior level prosecutors, two legal assistants, and two victim/witness coordinators. SVU handles all adult sex crimes, all felony and class A misdemeanor crimes against children, all felony and class A misdemeanor domestic violence crimes, and all felony crimes of violence against the elderly and at-risk adults. By pairing a specially trained prosecution team with each victim in need of special attention, the 百丽宫appapp 百丽宫app's Office strives to more effectively prosecute serious offenders and protect the rights of the victims.

SVU prosecution takes the efforts of many. Throughout the process of resolving cases either by a guilty plea or jury verdict, the Special Victims Unit works hand-in-hand with the Utah Valley Special Victims Task Force, the Utah 百丽宫appapp Children's Justice Center, the State Division of Child and 百丽宫appapp Services, Child Protective Services, law enforcement victim advocates, the Utah Sex Offender Registry, Adult Probation and Parole, and various federal agencies.

Our SVU team is and will continue to be the voice and advocate for victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Utah 百丽宫appapp Courthouse grounds in spring with statue of boy and girl


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