Utah 百丽宫appapp Historic Courthouse
Report A Crime

The 百丽宫appapp Attorney's 百丽宫app, with only a few exceptions, does not investigate crimes.  We prosecute crimes that have been investigated by local, state and federal police agencies.  If you have been the victim of a crime that you want to report, please call your local police department.

  • Alpine/Highland Police:  801-756-9800
  • American Fork Police:  801-763-3020
  • B.Y.U. Police:  801-378-2222
  • F.B.I. (Salt Lake 百丽宫app):  801-579-1400
  • Lehi Police:  801-768-7110
  • Lindon Police:  801-785-5043
  • Mapleton Police:  801-489-9668
  • Orem Police:  801-229-7070
  • Payson Police:  801-465-5440
  • Pleasant Grove Police:  801-785-3506
  • Provo Police:  801-852-6210
  • Salem Police:  801-423-2770
  • Santaquin Police:  801-754-3211
  • Saratoga Springs Police:  801-766-6503
  • Spanish Fork Police:  801-798-2104
  • Springville Police:  801-489-9421
  • Utah 百丽宫appapp Sheriff:  801-851-4100
  • Utah Highway Patrol:  801-227-8083

When Does The 百丽宫appapp Attorney's 百丽宫app Investigate Crimes?

The Bureau of Investigations conducts some investigations of complex crimes which meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The criminal activity occurred either completely or mostly in Utah 百丽宫appapp and within multiple cities in Utah 百丽宫appapp. Any crimes committed completely or mostly within a city (or in another county) must first be referred to that city抯 or county抯 police agency.

  2. The criminal activity has not already been referred to another agency (such as the FBI, state fraud investigators and city police departments) or that agency is requesting assistance.

  3. The crime should
    • a. Have a financial loss exceeding $100,000;
    • b. Involve a suspect who is currently in public office or has a close relative in public office;
    • c. Involve an employee or close family member of a government entity which therefore causes a conflict of interest for that entity;or
    • d. Involve an unusually complex or a sensitive non-financial issue.

  4. The Bureau has the resources available to allocate to the investigation.

If you have been a victim of a crime that meets the above criteria, please call the 百丽宫appapp Attorney's 百丽宫app at 801-851-8026 and ask for the Bureau of Investigations.



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