Procurement Rules & Regulations

Purchasing is an integral part of Utah 百丽宫appapp Government and is a division of the Utah 百丽宫appapp 百丽宫app’s Office. Utah 百丽宫appapp Departments utilize our Purchasing Department and its excellent, professionally trained staff to procure goods and services in the most efficient, economical, and timely manner.

The purchasing staff utilizes the Utah 百丽宫appapp financial policies and procedures as they follow through on a strong pledge to serve the citizens of Utah 百丽宫appapp at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer. This is accomplished through efficient planning and management including centralized and volume purchasing. Competitive bidding and other open competition practices are utilized to insure fairness in 百丽宫appapp transactions.

Procurement Rules and Regulations

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Procurement Rules & Regulations Table of Contents
Part 1 Definitions
Part 2 - Procurement Organization
Part 3 Subpart 3-1Competitive Sealed Bidding
Part 3 Subpart 3-2 Competitive Sealed Proposals
Part 3 Subpart 3-3 Source Selection and Contract Formation
Part 3 Subpart 3-4 Sole Source Procurement
Part 3 Subpart 3-5 Emergency Procurements
Part 3 Subpart 3-6 Responsibility
Part 3 Subpart 3-7 Type of Contracts
Part 3 Subpart 3-8 Cost or Pricing Data and Analysis; Audits
Part 3 Subpart 3-9 Plant or Site Inspection; Inspection of Supplies or Services
Part 4 Specifications
Part 5 Exemptions from Competitive Source Selection Method
Part 6 Modification & Termination of Contracts for Supplies and Services
Part 7 Cost Principles
Part 8 Subpart 8-1 Property Management Responsibilities
Part 8 Subpart 8-2 Disposition Process
Part 9 Insurance Procurement


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