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Utah 百丽宫appapp Fire MarshalThe Utah 百丽宫appapp Fire Marshal serves as the fire code official and has the responsibility to enforce currently adopted fire codes and Utah 百丽宫appapp fire prevention ordnances, and to oversee safety inspections of all businesses, facilities and hazardous materials operations within unincorporated Utah 百丽宫appapp.  Building plans, fire suppression system plans, propane plans and burn permits are reviewed by the fire marshal’s office to maintain fire safety and compliance to adopted codes.  The fire marshal serves as the fire chief when the function of such office is required by the fire code and has the duties required in state law, the fire code and other ordinances of Utah 百丽宫appapp pertaining to his office or required by his supervision.

The Utah 百丽宫appapp Fire Marshal or his designee serve as incident command for structure fires and certain other emergencies responded to by contract fire departments and have the primary responsibility for investigation of fires within unincorporated Utah 百丽宫appapp.

Burn Notice Form

(Residents of Mapleton, Orem, Provo and Springville must contact their City or Fire Chief)



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