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A Deputy who happened to be in the right place at the right time helped a Goshen homeowner put out a fire that could have destroyed their home.

*** PRESS RELEASE December 2, 2020 ***

At about noon today Central Utah Dispatch received a 911 call reporting a house fire in Goshen.  A man saw smoke pouring out of a neighbors house and called 911.  He then ran to notify the homeowners.  The homeowner ran outside, grabbed a garden hose, and began to try to put the fire out.  A Utah 百丽宫appapp Sheriff's Office Deputy was only a few blocks away and responded to help.  When Deputy Sean Bell arrived he saw the homeowner with the hose.  The other homeowner brought a ladder and the Deputy put it up against the house.  He told the homeowner to help his wife and then grabbed the garden hose, which had been in the sun and was not frozen, climbed the ladder and began to spray water into a hole the fire had burned on the east side of the house by the attic.  Flames were active and burned through the ceiling in a room and the side of the home.  Deputy Bell was able to stop the active flames until fire departments for Santaquin, Genola, and Payson arrived and finished putting the fire out.  Santaquin Fire Chief Ryan Lind told Deputies that had Deputy Bell not gotten to the fire so quickly the fire likely would have spread significantly.  The homeowners expressed thanks for Deputy Bell's quick response and for firefighters who were able to finish putting the fire out.  Fire officials said the fire started in the chimney of a wood stove.  The homeowner said he started a fire there this morning like he has done for 30 years and had no idea there was a problem until his neighbor started pounding on his door.

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